Panoramas, tripod heads, anti-gravity

Anti-gravity panohead


Scientists working in secret laboratories have created one of the first practical applications of anti-gravity technology: A panorama head that floats above your tripod and automatically levels itself. The scientists strongly denied that the technology involved was taken from alien spacecraft hidden in Area 51 (a secret military facility north of Las Vegas.)

Under the terms of the non-disclosure agreement reporters were required to sign, no photographs of the actual panohead were allowed. However, this clandestine composite photo of the shadow of the tripod and head clearly show the camera, unsupported, in both the vertical and horizontal orientations. Even the shadow of the cable release is visible on close inspection.

Members of the photographic community are understandably skeptical, but can't help being excited by the possibilities of such a device, should one exist. One skeptic stated: "This clearly is an example of a crop from a panorama stitched on a Mac, using Smartblend in AutopanoPro. Nothing here to be excited about outside of being able to use Smartblend on a Mac and the implementation of fisheye lenses in AutopanoPro." The photographer who snapped the controversial image was unavailable for comment and requested that he remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

More updates to follow as details emerge.