Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" pricing scheme. To give an accurate estimate of cost, we will need a detailed description of the project. Factors that affect costs include:

Panoramas: Is it indoor or out? What resolution photography is needed? Will multiple exposures be needed to capture the full dynamic range? How much nadir retouching is required? Delivery of finished panoramas only or is embedding in website necessary? Single nodes or complete multi-node tour with map? Flash or QuickTime?

Object Spin Movie: Single-row of multi-row? Will the object need to be knocked-out from the background? How much and how complicated will retouching be?

CD-ROM and Kiosk: Every project is different. The extent and nature of the project will determine pricing.

After receipt of a detailed description of your needs, we will estimate the number of hours required on the project and base our estimate on our hourly rate, travel (if needed) and supplies. Image licensing considerations may affect pricing as well.

Contact us with your needs and we will be happy to supply an estimate in minimal time.

White Oak Mountain, looking northwest
Columbus, NC USA

click to view an interactive panorama