4Pi-VR uses the most advanced methods in the industry for the creation of object spin movies. We can make either single-row object movies, allowing the object to be viewed from every side in a single plane, or multi-row object movies that allow the viewer to manipulate the object to view it from above, below and all sides. We use professional object rigs from Kaidan. Our Meridian C-60 allows us to create multi-row object movies of items weighing up to 400 lbs and several feet in diameter. For single-row object movies of items up to 75 lbs, we use a Kaidan MDT-19. The MDT-19 is easily portable for use on-site; we have taken it as far afield as a project for the National Museum of Costa Rica. The C-60 and MDT-19 are both motorized rigs with computer control, allowing precisely repeatable positioning for advanced, multi-state object movies. We also have a manual, dual-axis Kaidan rig that is portable for use on your site.

Click on the Object Samples link at left to view examples of our work.
Kaidan MDT-19 (above)
Kaidan C-60 (at left)

Photos by Jook Leung Photography, used by permission of Kaidan