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Apple Orchard Panos

Ignacio Ferrando posted a beautiful panorama, which he shared with us today on the PanoToolsNG mailing list. It is located at . Ignacio is always shooting amazing panoramas made while ice or rock climbing, paragliding, etc, that make you wonder: How did he do that?!? The one he posted today was shot up in a tree in bloom (an apple tree maybe?)

For once, I have a decent idea of how he did it, since I made some similar ones in fall of 2008. Mine were shot up in the middle of an apple tree that was heavily weighted with fruit. For some reason, I never got them online. I had intended to use them for the Color event of the World Wide Panorama, but something must have come up. With Ignacio's inspiration, I felt I should get them posted to share, so here we go, for better or worse!