Apple Orchard Panos

Ignacio Ferrando posted a beautiful panorama, which he shared with us today on the PanoToolsNG mailing list. It is located at . Ignacio is always shooting amazing panoramas made while ice or rock climbing, paragliding, etc, that make you wonder: How did he do that?!? The one he posted today was shot up in a tree in bloom (an apple tree maybe?)

For once, I have a decent idea of how he did it, since I made some similar ones in fall of 2008. Mine were shot up in the middle of an apple tree that was heavily weighted with fruit. For some reason, I never got them online. I had intended to use them for the Color event of the World Wide Panorama, but something must have come up. With Ignacio's inspiration, I felt I should get them posted to share, so here we go, for better or worse!



Mother's Day Concert at Barnet Park

On Saturday, May 10, 2008, the Palmetto Choristers performed along with the Spartanburg Philharmonic in a Mother's Day concert at Barnet Park. I took several panoramic images and would like to share them with you.

Click on the thumbnail to view as an interactive panorama.



I also shot some partial panoramas. Click on the thumbs below to view them larger.