Do you wish potential customers were able to view your product from all sides? Have an art object or museum piece you want to display interactively on the web? Or an anatomical model you wish students could rotate and dissect interactively on your website or in your CD-ROM project? If so, our Object Spin Movies may be exactly what you need!

Object spin movies allow the viewer to manipulate an object with their mouse to view the object from different directions. Object spins can be single-row (rotating about the vertical axis), or multi-row (able to be rotated about both the horizontal and vertical axes.) With a two-axis movie, the user is able to tilt the object to see it from above and below the horizontal while also turning it about its vertical axis.

Another exciting possibility is the multi-state object spin movie: it can be either single- or multi-row, but has an unlimited number of view states at any angle. The view at a given angle can be animated or manually selected. An example of this would be an anatomical model where the user can move up or down through the layers of the body at any view angle.

Take a look at one of our object spin movies by clicking on the image on the right. Use your mouse to spin the object in the window that opens. To see more of our object spins, visit the Object Samples page (through the link on the left or by clicking HERE.) Also, visit our Object Spin Creation page (using the link on the left or by clicking HERE) to see the state of the art equipment we use to create our object spins.