Fuji S2 Pro

Perfect working order, good cosmetic condition. Fuji cameras are well-known for beautiful tones and high quality images. All wires, chargers and accessories are included (not all are shown in the pictures.) I have duplicates of nearly all cables and accessories, plus multiple cable releases, a soft release, an extra battery tray, the HyperUtility software for shooting tethered to a computer ($200 separately!), manual, etc. I may even have the original box, but would have to look for it. A custom-fit Kirk L-plate for the body is offered separately; an L-plate is a wonderful thing to have. I can sell you some 2GB CF cards for any reasonable offered price if you buy the camera. Also included is a second body for parts; the only defect in the second body is a failed sensor. I have seen S2 bodies with a dead sensor sell for over $100 on ebay.

These routinely sell for over $200 on ebay, even without accessories beyond the charger. I would be happy to sell this for $175, including the duplicates and parts body.

John Riley