360Precision Absolute

Get pefect stitches every time with this custom-fitted panohead. This head includes TWO complete (upper and lower) side arms: one arm for a Fuji S2 Pro with the Nikon 10.5mm fisheye or Sigma 8mm (0°, ±90° with a bonus ±45° row great for shooting offset nadirs); and a multi-row arm for a Fuji S2 Pro with a Tokina 12-24mm lens (0°, ±30°, ±60, ±90°). This head was Matthew Rogers' (co-owner of 360Precision) personal head before he sold it to me at the Pano Summit in Savannah, GA. I had the 12-24mm Tokina arm designed and built for me by 360Precision. There are also three detent rings included, each with two different sides: 4/6 (Sigma 8mm/Nikon 10.5mm), 8/10 (Tokina 12-24mm widest zoom to mid-range), and 10/12 (mid-range to full zoom). A new multi-row Fuji S2 head costs $945; upgrading to get a second camera (upper) arm cost aout $145. This head includes a second, taller lower (vertical) arm along with the bearings, fasteners and plunger to join it with the second camera arm. This would cost a good bit in addition to the $145 for the camera arm, but makes changing arms for different lenses much faster and easier. If you have a different camera, you would only need to get the camera (uppermost) arm section and the elbow bracket (small horizontal block section at the bottom) that joins the arm to the base to make this a custom fit to your camera. Compared to a new head, you would save a lot and have a second vertical section and bearings if you wanted to buy a second camera arm. This head is in excellent operational condition, though it does have a few scratches from use.

$400 OBO Buy the Absolute head, Fuji S2 Pro, and all three lenses (Nikon 10.5, Sigma 8mm, Tokina 12-24mm) and I will be willing to make a very good deal. All three lenses are Nikon mount.

John Riley